Who We Are


Jason & Rachel

For those of you who have shopped here a lot over the years, I hope you've gotten used to seeing those faces up there, because basically, those faces are The Book Table. He's Jason and I'm Rachel. We met in 1998 when we were both working at our umpteenth indie bookstore, fell in love, got hitched, and instead of babies we decided to have a bookstore. The Book Table. This here website and its corresponding bricks and mortar store in the lovely village of Oak Park, Illinois.

You learn really quickly when you own a retail store that you can't be everything to every person, but we like to think that we try especially hard, and that we're more successful at more things than your average store. We have the most exciting new releases at discount prices. We have quality used books. We have great publisher's overstock, and we do just about every other legal thing you can imagine to stock great titles at even better prices. After working in seven different bookstores between the two of us over the years, we learned a lot of secrets on how to get the best books and sell them at the best prices, so we do just that. Also, if we don't have a book in stock, we'll happily special order it--and even most special orders will be offered to you at a 20% discount, and it generally only takes a few days. 

So stop in and give us a challenge. Some people love crossword puzzles (me!) and some people love sudoku (Jason!) but what both of us love more than anything else is a good book puzzle. Seriously, come in and ask us those tough questions about that book with the purple cover and a Russian Countess as a main character, or come in with a clean slate and ask us for a recommendation. We don't get it right every time, but we have a pretty high success rate, and it's the most gratifying thing in the world when we do get it right. Maybe we're just children striving for a gold star and a pat on the head. (Proverbial gold stars allowed--and real ones on Yelp--but please don't actually pat us on the head.) We're in this business because we love books and we love putting the right ones in your hands--all the better if we can save you a few bucks in the process.


The Actual Store

We opened on July 26, 2003 in a cramped 2800 square foot space--remember that? 

the old store

Then in 2008 we were able to move into a space nearly twice the size right next door (I swear we weren't trying to confuse people, but we have to admit we do love those bewildered faces of people can't figure out if the store changed or if they've lost their minds.) No you haven't lost your minds. This is us now:

new and improved

Ah, that's much better.