The Book Table's Best Books of 2022

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Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private Investigation By Erika Krouse Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250240309
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Published: Flatiron Books - March 15th, 2022

Rachel's Pick: Tell Me Everything is the rare true crime book that resists lurid voyeurism in favor of a more nuanced, memoir approach. The author, Erika Krouse, is a woman who stumbled into a career as a private investigator simply because she has “one of those faces,” the sort of face that causes random strangers to confess their secrets to her. Her first big case is a landmark Title IX lawsuit against a Colorado university and their Big Twelve football team for their “deliberate indifference” to the rape culture they nurtured, resulting in countless sexual assaults and gang rapes on campus by players and recruits. Herself a victim of sexual abuse, Krouse becomes entangled in the case, dredging up her own demons along the way. Skillfully weaving in her own story, she shares her ambivalence of encouraging women to come forward at the risk of destroying their already frayed lives. Like the strangers who are drawn to her and tell her their deepest secrets, Krouse is fearless in her own confessions: every bit of inner conflict, every dark thought, the shame of the high she gets from investigating others’ pain. Wise, eloquent, and self-aware, Tell Me Everything is a memoir that you shouldn’t miss.

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Case Study By Graeme MacRae Burnet Cover Image
ISBN: 9781771965200
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Published: Biblioasis - November 1st, 2022

Jason's Pick: We're all actors creating a persona that we share with the world. Some are so wrapped up in it that we forget who we are. Some are so aware of it that we consciously compete with the mask that we show society. Case Study tackles identity, 60s London, the anti-psychiatry movement, multiple suicides, and so many layers of unreliable narrators that fact and fiction become impossibly tangled. It's a wickedly funny novel, but Burnet's prose is so sharp and smart that it never feels like a farce. Told through five notebooks written by an unnamed narrator interspersed with five sections of a biography of a fictional character sandwiched between short pieces by yet another narrator, the form is as complex and entertaining as the people we meet on the pages, but the pace is so energetic and unrelenting that it never feels academic. It is my favorite book of the year and is a showcase for a writer with remarkable agility and talent.

"Human beings seem to have an almost unlimited capacity to deceive themselves, and to deceive themselves into taking their own lies for truth." R. D. Laing

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Tuesday or September or the End By Hannah Black, Anika Sabin (Editor) Cover Image
By Hannah Black, Anika Sabin (Editor)
ISBN: 9781734656237
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Published: Capricious Publishing - May 10th, 2022

Alex's Pick: This book is the best twisted pandemic novella. Everyone on Goodreads says it’s full of perfect sentences and it’s true. A quick read but not actually. How would you explain life on earth to an alien? Pondering the meaning of her name, the protagonist (Bird) observes, “Events happen without necessary detail and pass immediately out of view.”

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