I'll Be Back Right After This: My Memoir (Hardcover)

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Pat O'Brien was a skinny South Dakota kid with long hair, a rock and roll band, divorced parents and an alcoholic father. In all the familiar ways, he was on the road to nowhere until a professor, who envisioned his future as the household name he would soon become, dramatically changed his life.

From that day forward Pat's life took turns that were both spectacular and destructive: from the Huntley-Brinkley Report and afternoons at Bobby Kennedy's living room with Muhammad Ali to conversations with six Presidents. He did acid with Timothy Leary, drank with Mickey Mantle, and over the course of a remarkable career up close and personal with the Beatles, The Stones, The Kennedy's, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and virtually every star in Hollywood.

In I'LL BE BACK RIGHT AFTER THIS, Pat reveals the highs and lows of the life of a radio and TV broadcaster, spent sharing the mic with the world's rich and famous while battling an infamous public scandal and demons that nearly killed him. With laughter, tears and miracles he reveals how he learned to accept his mistakes, find redemption and become the father he never had, proving there really are second and even third acts in life.

About the Author

PAT O'BRIEN is a radio host with Fox Sports Radio, best known for his work as a sportscaster with CBS Sports from 1981 to 1997, as well as his work as the anchor and host of Access Hollywood from 1997 to 2004, and The Insider from 2004 to 2008. O'Brien covered six Olympic Games, two for CBS (1992 Winter and 1994) and four for NBC (2000, 2002, 2004 and 2012). He has also covered the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Final Four as a pregame host while at CBS.

Praise For…

“Pat approaches life like a mad scientist. Sometimes his alchemy yields dangerous, even combustible results. But he's taken copious notes and he's generous enough to share them with all of us. Kids, don't try this at home.” —Michael J. Fox

“Pat's book is a fine and fancy ramble through fame and pain and addiction and glory, and from it all, a terrible beauty born.” —Hall-of-Fame Sportscaster Lesley Visser

“A courageous unflinching journey through the crucible of fame and public approbation to the depths of the consequences of addiction. Pat has done it all right before our very eyes, only to find his way to an inspirational recovery. A must read textbook on the rewards of recovery.” —Dr. Drew Pinsky

“Here's why as a coach I love Pat: if he turns the ball over, he gets it back and scores. I've always been proud to have him as a friend. He's taught me a lot about what's really important.” —John Calipari, national championship-winning coach of the Kentucky Wildcats

“Pat O'Brien has spent a career telling the stories of others, in sports and in the entertainment business. Now he finally gets around to telling the best one of all, about himself. And in the end, it turns out to be a story that comes right out of the world of sports, the one about how you get back up after being knocked down.” —Mike Lupica, New York Daily News

“Rich and well-written….In addition to being quite entertaining, there's something for everyone in O'Brien's story. Sports fans will thrill to anecdotes about legends like Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson….Consumers of tabloids will enjoy the juicy tales from a host who readily admits he's a name-dropper.” —Kirkus Reviews

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