Wilford Woodruff's Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine (Paperback)

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Many books and articles address specific LDS temple ordinances, but the contextual history of all temple ordinances has never been included in a single volume--until now. Jennifer Mackley's meticulously researched biographical narrative chronicles the development of temple doctrine through the examination of Wilford Woodruff's personal experiences. Mackley elucidates the doctrine's sixty-year progression from Old Testament practices of washings and anointings in the 1830s, to the endowment, sealings, and priesthood adoptions in the 1840s, through all of the vicarious ordinances for the dead in the 1870s, to the sealing of multigenerational families in the 1890s--all in an understandable reference work for members of the LDS church and anyone else interested in its history and development. The account unfolds in Woodruff's own words, drawn from primary sources including journals, discourses, and letters. It follows Woodruff's experiences and perspectives on decisions made by Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and John Taylor in relation to the temple ceremonies and ordinances during their tenures as leaders of the LDS Church. Mackley's narrative is enhanced by 120 archival images (some previously unpublished), as well as extensive footnotes and citations for the reader's further study.

About the Author

Jennifer Mackley's curiosity about Wilford Woodruff's vision of the Founding Fathers in the St. George Temple led to a fifteen-year odyssey researching his life through available journals, discourses, and letters. Mackley's career as an attorney influenced her approach, including meticulous attention to detail and a reliance on primary sources. Her discoveries and written achievements have earned her recognition as an expert on Woodruff's life. As a result she has been asked to present her research in many forums and to a variety of audiences. She hopes the publication of her efforts will help readers better understand the process of revelation throughout LDS Church history and the development of temple doctrine. Both LDS Church members and those curious about the Mormon faith will find her approach enlightening.

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