Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox: Version 2021 (Paperback)

Handbook for the Brain Dynamics Toolbox: Version 2021 By Stewart Heitmann, Michael Breakspear Cover Image
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The Brain Dynamics Toolbox is an open software tool for simulating dynamical systems in matlab. It allows custom dynamical models to be explored in an intuitive graphical application while retaining the ability to script large-scale simulations. It can be applied to initial-value problems in any domain that involves systems of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs), Delay Differential Equations (DDEs), Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs) or Partial Differential Equations (PDEs).

This book is for researchers and students who wish to use the toolbox to simulate their own dynamical models. It describes how to define the dynamical equations and load them into the graphical interface from where interchangeable solvers and visualisations can be applied with no additional programming effort. The source code for the final model can be published independently of the toolbox.

Dr Stewart Heitmann is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. He studies cardiac arrhythmogenesis using mathematical and computational models of excitable systems.

Professor Michael Breakspear is Head of the Systems Neuroscience Group at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He studies the principles of adaptive large-scale brain dynamics in health, and the impact of their disturbance in brain disorders.

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