Stop the Habit: A Guide for Youth Who Struggle with Trichotillomania (Hardcover)

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This book is designed to help youth and their caregivers understand the feelings and thoughts that may lead to uncontrollable hair pulling.

Uncontrollable pulling of your own hair can be a sign of a significant emotional disturbance, which may result in social withdrawal or isolation. Thus, this book is created to assist the youth with expressing uncomfortable and seemingly embarrassing behaviors in trusting, safe, and secure relationships. This book is further constructed for clinicians to utilize in the therapeutic setting as means to assist youth with strategies to reverse and take control of their urge or habit.

This book captures the concept of Trichotillomania through the lens of an adolescent female sufferer. While this book highlights many facets that may be observed in Trichotillomania, it may fall short of acknowledging all the features, given the complexity of the illness. Nonetheless, this book provides resources to facilitate the healing process, yet should not be utilized as the sole approach to treatment.

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ISBN: 9780692128091
ISBN-10: 0692128093
Publisher: AR Thomas Publishing
Publication Date: June 16th, 2018
Pages: 42
Language: English