No Longer a Pawn (Paperback)

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No Longer a Pawn, is a collection of biographical stories that have been written to enlighten and encourage young people as they begin to make choices for their own lives. These stories tell how young teens entered the adult world, naive and unprepared to resist the pressures around them to conform to "group think." They became the pawns of others, being used and abused without hope for change.

When they finally sought help to break from the destructive paths their lives had taken. many were in their late twenties; some were at least forty years old. Much of their lives had been lived behind a masked smile, while in their hearts and minds they were miserable, lonely and empty. Broken in spirit. they cried out to Jesus, who lifted them out of their pits of destruction, and filled their lives with meaning and purpose.

By telling their story, each individual hopes to help other young people avoid the pitfalls and miseries they experienced, and to know there is a way to live in peace with God, yourself, and others.

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ISBN: 9780974709222
ISBN-10: 0974709220
Publisher: Paula Cole
Publication Date: July 12th, 2023
Pages: 68
Language: English