Spirit Sister, I Sing Your Song (Paperback)

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Becca, almost 13, lives in her imagination, her escape from being class nerd. She's unaware that she possesses the spirit and relics of a revered healer of the Akwanakai, a Great Lakes area tribe. She is kidnapped and brought back 350 years by an evil shaman. Wanaga craves both the power within Becca and revenge against the woman who spurned him. Becca's escape leads to the love and respect of her people as she adjusts to a new body and a new reality. After her vision quest, Becca is Chenoa. Through courage and self-reliance, she becomes a healer. At 18, Chenoa fulfills her destiny as a shaman and finds the love of a young warrior. Yet she must face a life-threatening challenge from her nemesis Wanaga who seeks to destroy her and betray his own people to the white "Bear Faces." A grave personal sacrifice is her only chance to offer life to her spirit sister. Spirit Sister I Sing Your Song is a coming-of-age tale that shows the development of a strong Native American woman and raises the issue of the treatment of Native American artifacts. The book presents the culture and spirituality of the Great Lakes tribes along with the age-old confrontation of good and evil. Praise for Spirit Sister I Sing Your Song An engaging blend of historical fiction and magical realism... Becca] is a strong female character that will appeal to readers of all ages. --Kirkus Reviews Spirit Sister I Sing Your Song is both entertaining and educational for children and adults alike. It will give the reader an understanding of the world view of the native people of the Great Lakes area. --Myles Goddard, (Ojibwe) Vice President of Education, Midwest SOARRING Foundation Jacobs communicates with simplicity and power, the essence of the indigenous heart and the wisdom of the Native American spiritual path. --Annette Hulefeld, D. Min., LCSW, Shamanic Practitioner (ret) My class loved Spirit Sister and couldn't wait for me to read them the next chapter. --Mary Ellen Lesniak, teacher, Oak Park, Illinois I don't know how Pat, raised in the suburbs, got the vision quest right, but she did. --Skip Twardos (Potawatomi)

About the Author

Native American culture and spirituality have been a life-long interest. During my years as an elementary school teacher and throughout the raising of my five children, I always found some time to imagine the lives and to research the history of Native American tribes. I hope Spirit Sister, I Sing Your Song shows the reverence I feel.

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ISBN: 9780996695107
ISBN-10: 0996695109
Publisher: Pagebreak Press of Chicago
Publication Date: October 4th, 2015
Pages: 212
Language: English