China Incorporated: The Politics of a World Where China Is Number One (Hardcover)

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Is the West prepared for a world where power is shared with China? A world in which China asserts the same level of global leadership that the USA currently assumes? And can we learn to embrace Chinese political culture, as China learned to embrace ours?

Here, one of the world's leading voices on China, Kerry Brown, takes us past the tired cliches and inside the Chinese leadership - as they lay out a roadmap for working in a world in which China shares dominance with the West.

From how, and why, China as a dominant superpower has been inevitable for many years, to how the attempts to fight the old battles are over, Brown digs deeper into the problematic nature of China's current situation - its treatment of dissent, of Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and the severe limitations on its management of relations with other cultures and values. These issues impact the way the West sees China, China sees the West, and how both see themselves.

There are obstacles to the West accepting a more prominent place for China in the world - but just because this will be a difficult process does not mean that it should not happen. As Kerry Brown writes: history is indeed ending, but not how the West thought it would.

About the Author

Kerry Brown is Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King's College, London. Prior to that he was Professor of Chinese Politics at the University of Sydney, and Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, London. With 30 years experience of life in China, he has worked in education, business and government, including a term as First Secretary at the British Embassy in Beijing. He is author of over 20 books on contemporary China, including The World According to Xi: Everything You Need to Know About the New China (2018). He is currently working on a history of Britain's relations with China since the 16th century.

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Publication Date: September 7th, 2023
Pages: 208
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