After You Vanished (Hardcover)

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SADIE meets WE WERE LIARS in this YA heartfelt mystery, in which one girl desperately searches to find out what happened to her missing sister.

SADIE meets WE WERE LIARS in this heartfelt mystery, in which one girl desperately searches to find out what happened to her missing sister.

Teddy’s favorite place is Bottomrock Lake, where sunfish swim in their little saucer nests and lilypads edge the shore. She’s worked there as a lifeguard every summer, including last year, when her twin sister Izzy waded into the lake for a midnight swim and never came out. Now, Teddy can’t stop scripting stories for where she went. Izzy was an accomplished swimmer, so she couldn’t possibly have drowned. And if she did somehow drown, where’s her body and why is her passport missing? 

When Toby, the gorgeous jerk who was with Izzy on the night she vanished, comes to Bottomrock to work as a lifeguard alongside Teddy, she can’t help but be suspicious. How many of her sister’s secrets does he hold? And how can Teddy unearth them—without falling for the boy who watched her sister disappear?

Told from Teddy’s point of view directly to Izzy, AFTER YOU VANISHED is a mystery that will have readers trying to piece together the secret life of a sister who’s gone.

About the Author

E.A. Neeves grew up in New England, where she spent many summers lifeguarding at an idyllic lake, and occasionally catching snapping turtles. She enjoys tea, swimming, and board games that take entire evenings to play. When she's not writing, she can usually be found spending time with her family at their (probably not haunted) home in Salem, MA. After You Vanished is her YA debut.

Praise For…

A teenage girl searches for her missing sister with the help of the last person to see her alive in this debut mystery. It has been almost one year since Teddy’s twin sister, Izzy, disappeared during a midnight swim across Bottomrock Lake. The police believe Izzy drowned, but Teddy feels there is more to the story. Bisexual Izzy was training to try out to swim in the Olympics, so the mile swim should have been nothing for her. Adding to Teddy’s suspicions are the mysterious text Izzy sent her just before she went missing and the fact that Izzy’s passport has also vanished. After spending the last year searching for leads, Teddy is close to giving up as she returns to her old summer job as a lifeguard at the lake. But when Toby Smith, Izzy’s friend from swim team who was with her that fateful night, shows up to work as a lifeguard too, she feels that this must be a sign to keep looking. Believing that Toby is hiding something and desperate for answers about the sister she thought she knew so well, Teddy decides to form a relationship with him that soon becomes its own mystery. The plot unfolds at a deliberate pace as themes of grief, family, identity, and guilt are explored; it’s less a whodunit than a character-driven account of Teddy’s journey and relationship with her sister. Main characters are coded White. Thoughtful and compelling. (Mystery. 13-18)- Kirkus (June 15, 2023)

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ISBN: 9781368092708
ISBN-10: 1368092705
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English