A Brief Overview of Annuities (Paperback)

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Are you thinking of your retirement? Do you worry about outliving your retirement funds? If so, then an annuity may be the right choice for you to consider. These are extremely complex financial instruments that are between the annuitant (you) and a life insurance company. Since these are generally for someone's retirement, they are considered tax-deferred until payments begin. All annuities have several components to them and riders that make them unique, and in some instances, expensive. Someone must understand the annuity they are purchasing before actually purchasing it from an insurance agent, financial planner, or directly from the life insurance company.

As alluded to, annuities are indeed extremely complex financial contracts requiring someone to know the basic differences between a fixed income annuity, an immediate annuity, and a variable annuity. While these are not all of the annuities available, they are some of the more common ones purchased. While this book does not cover all of the types of annuities available, it does provide someone with a high-level overview of the basics needed to make an informed decision on an annuity and if it is the right choice for them or their retirement plans. Get A Brief Overview of Annuities today and be in more of a position to make an informed decision on an annuity purchase.

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