The Rebirth of Africa: Rise of the Last Great Empire (Paperback)

The Rebirth of Africa: Rise of the Last Great Empire Cover Image
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Learn the truth about Black history and be a part of making positive changes in the world. The Rebirth of Africa is an extraordinary new perspective on how Black history has been changed over time. Many issues facing Africa today are the result of a lack of knowledge about what is happening behind the scenes, along with ignorance of our own heritage. Disturbingly realistic and honest, this book resonates with passion as the author exposes the truth about many issues, including: How Africa's natural resources are being stolen out from under its people The positive role Black Africans could play around the world if the truth were known How people can join forces, take action, and transform backward and false concepts into positive steps forward The Rebirth of Africa is the first in a series of books revealing what many would prefer not to know.

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ISBN: 9781432792282
ISBN-10: 1432792288
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: June 14th, 2012
Pages: 248
Language: English