Tribal Peoples for Tomorrow's World (Paperback)

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Who are tribal peoples?

How do they live?

Why do governments hate them?

Why is their disappearance far from inevitable?

Endorsed by tribal people and anthropologists the world over, this illuminating book answers all these questions and more. Indigenous and tribal peoples are the world's largest minority and the abuse they suffer is a major humanitarian issue. It shapes world history and raises profound questions about what it really means to be human.

Tribal peoples for tomorrow's world is a distillation of a life's work. It argues passionately, and controversially, that hunting and nomadism are neither backward nor primitive, but intelligent and conscious choices - and that upholding the law and understanding racist prejudice solves most tribal peoples' problems. It shines a light on the ground-breaking, but entirely unrecognized, contributions they have already made to the world, and exposes the inconvenient truth that their survival is in everyone's interest.

Excellent introduction: all-encompassing, easy to read, evocative, passionate, and powerful where it needs to be. Prof Roy Ellen, President (2007-2009), Royal Anthropological Institute, UK

Well conceived and persuasive, a worthy testimony to Corry's impressive lifetime commitment and to the reminder which he has consistently imparted to anthroplogists over four decades, that they have a moral responsibility to publicize the predicament of indigenous peoples. Jonathan Benthall, Director (1974-2000), Royal Anthropological Institute, UK

A book everyone must read - powerful stories of the harsh realities of both assimilation and rejection of our peoples and our struggles around the world. Jolene Ashini (Innu), Canada

A wonderful contribution, bringing unknown peoples to the known world. Prof A Lanunungsang (Ao), Nagaland University, India

Rich and well-written - easy to understand. Prof Halimu Suleiman Shauri, Chairman, Social Sciences, Pwani University, Kenya

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