The American Southwest: Pride Prejudice Perseverance (Paperback)

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The American Southwest-A colorful and culturally rich tapestry woven with the various dialects, customs, cultures and architecture of the people who have dwelt in it for thousands of years. Section One provides an overview of the early inhabitants. Section Two and Three focus on the struggles, triumphs and contributions of Mexican Americans. Section Four looks at the immigration issue (past and present) from various Latin American countries and Section Five examines the participation of Latinos in education. This well-researched book contains maps, graphs and a glossary and appeals to educators, students and the general public.

About the Author

Paulina Rael Jaramillo was born and raised in New Mexico where her family roots are deeply entrenched. In 1598 her ancestors came to the "New World" and in 1610 helped establish the settlement known today as Santa Fe. However, most of her adult life has been spent in California where her children and grandchildren reside. She is currently speaking at colleges, universities and various organizations on "Immigration and Education."

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