The Litter Box of Life: Scoops, Piles and Clumps of Wisdom from a Crazy Cat Guy (Paperback)

The Litter Box of Life: Scoops, Piles and Clumps of Wisdom from a Crazy Cat Guy By Charles Underwood Cover Image
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Holiday cats? Disappearing cats? Vagabond cats? Prison cats? Feral cats? Secret cats? Pregnant cats? Injured cats? What do all of these cats have in common? They were all rescued by someone you probably never heard of--a Crazy Cat Guy. Everyone knows about the Crazy Cat Lady, but The Litter Box of Life: Scoops, Piles and Clumps of Wisdom from a Crazy Cat Guy lets you see that you don't have to be a lady to be crazy about cats. This is a compilation of stories that describes a wild journey involving more than one hundred cats over a span of forty years. Readers will discover how a Crazy Cat Guy reacts when he awakens one morning to find the cats are in the furnace, what happens when one slips out the door and the Cat Guy ain't dressed, and the seven words that guarantee Cat Guy will always be single. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why, but through it all you'll know--The Crazy Cat Guy loves his cats, and every day it shows. So finish sharpening your claws, settle back on the couch and enter the adventurous and sometimes risky world of a Crazy Cat Guy.

About the Author

Charles Underwood, America's Craziest Cat Guy as well as the hardest-working man in cat biz, holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology (ironic, huh?). He has worked as a Librarian in public, academic, and correctional settings, and as a Counselor with inmates and at-risk youth, in addition to numerous other occupations to support his kitties. When he is not writing or playing golf, he can be found in Christiansburg, VA changing litter boxes, opening cans of food, making trips to the vet, riding around in the Catmobile, discussing life with his favorite Cat Lady (his mom), and rescuing kitties in distress. To see pictures of the kitties mentioned in this book and discover more scoops, piles and clumps of wisdom, visit him on Facebook at Be sure to like him and become his friend. He is always open to new friend requests from fellow cat lovers!

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ISBN: 9781479169894
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Publication Date: September 6th, 2012
Pages: 232
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