Lost Flowers: True Stories of the Moonshine King, Percy Flowers (Paperback)

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Lost Flowers: True Stories of the Moonshine King, Percy Flowers is the never-before-told account of the notorious North Carolina bootlegger, as recalled by his son, Perry Sullivan. In the backwoods of Clayton, North Carolina, in the first half of the twentieth century, life may have been harsh, but whiskey could be found that was smooth, clear, and potent. Especially if it was the product of moonshine kingpin Joshua Percy Flowers, the legendary bootlegger who amassed a small fortune from the making of white lightning. Flowers' son, Perry Sullivan, breaks decades of silence to share his firsthand account of the whiskey making, cockfighting, and foxhound-racing ways of this rough-hewn but surprisingly wise wheeler and dealer. Lost Flowers: True Stories of the Moonshine King, Percy Flowers offers a poignant glimpse into a world that time has all but forgotten, recounting both the painful experiences and abiding lessons learned from a hard-bitten man who boasted 200-proof authenticity. Reflective, gentle, and peppered with folksy humor, this colorful story set in the Deep South lays bare the author's own secret as the unacknowledged son of the famous bootlegger. Told through the eyes of Perry Sullivan, the memoir is addressed to his own two sons, with the intention of passing on the wisdom he gleaned from his early years. The author ultimately managed to escape the shackles of the poverty stricken and racist ways of the era, and now shares his singular tale from a mature and educated viewpoint. Appealing to history buffs, lovers of Southern culture, and any parent who wants to impart sound wisdom to their children. Author Perry Sullivan's account sheds light and gives credit to men who overcame hardships that would cripple most people. He ultimately seeks to bring closure and healing to those who have hidden in the shadows of societal secrets, and he offers inspiration and sage advice, Southern style.

About the Author

A retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Air Force, Perry Sullivan is a writer and pilot for a commercial airline. He is also a decorated war veteran with seventeen medals and decorations, including two aerial achievement metals with valor. A jet pilot for twenty-one years in the United States Air Force, Sullivan flew in the Iraq War, Bosnia, South America, and Asia. The secret son of a notorious moonshiner from Clayton, North Carolina, Sullivan uses his folksy wit and gift for describing detail in Lost Flowers, his first-person glimpse into the bootleg empire of his father, Percy Flowers. From the untainted perspective of a child to the maturing viewpoint of a young man, Sullivan's memoir offers not only a rare regional historical account into the world of bootleg whiskey, cockfighting, and foxhounds, but also a reflection on the important life lessons he learned and hopes to pass on to his sons, Josh and John. The author resides with his family in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri.

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