Tax-FREE Income Replaces Social Security Cuts: Avoid Chained CPI Cuts (Paperback)

Tax-FREE Income Replaces Social Security Cuts: Avoid Chained CPI Cuts By Law Steeple Mba Cover Image
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+Use a tax-FREE account to replace Social Security cuts. +Earn 10-12% on your retirement money with no taxes or fees. +Spend 8% of your nest egg FREE of income tax annually. +Avoid the tax on up to 85% of your Social Security benefits. +Turn your taxable pension or IRA into tax-FREE income. Our Washington "representatives" want to cut our Social Security benefits (Chained CPI) to pay for their previous mistakes. Our contributions to Social Security and Medicare may be used to pay for two wars, two tax cuts for the wealthy and two Wall Street bank bailouts that some say were never needed. We must act now to take advantage of compounding with a special IRS account that shields our gains from any taxation. While the wealthy have their tax havens, we can avoid federal and state income tax with a working person's Tax-FREE trust. Using the investment strategy favored by Warren Buffett, we can compound high investment earnings to create a Social Security supplement of $500,000. Compounding works best when you put your money to work in successful businesses paying dividends and stock splits, with no taxes or advisor/broker fees. The table below gives you some idea of how fast your money can grow if you invest it in businesses like the ones you buy from every day.

About the Author

Law Steeple has been in financial services for over 20 years. He was a managing executive of the sales units of a number of bank securities firms. He is one of the insiders who contributed to the The Insiders Guides set of buyers' guides edited by Dan Keppel. The guides provide specific ways to save on all financial services. The Insiders' Guides to Buying Discount Financial Services: Buy Direct and Save $3,000 Every Year is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Abebooks. Law lives in New Jersey and Florida.

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