ESL Curriculum: Module 3 Part 1 INTERMEDIATE Student Reader (Paperback)

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Module 3 Part 1 Student Reader: ESL curriculum for TEEN-ADULT INTERMEDIATE STUDENTS, Second Edition. ESL Curriculum is a publication of "Learning English with Laughter's Teen-Adult Series". There are four Modules in this series. This Student Reader is part of a series of the three books, Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide that comprise Module 3 Part 1. It is for English second language beginners aged 13 years and older. It has 40 pages for 20 lessons of approximately 90 minutes each. This book introduces a vocabulary of 261 new words. Many of the exercises and activities will be incomplete if bought without the series - Student Reader, Workbook and Teacher's Guide. THE STUDENTS DO NOT WRITE IN THIS BOOK, CONSEQUENTLY IT CAN BE USED BY MORE THAN ONE CLASS. This allows schools that provide the books for their students to collect and re-issue them for the following semester. It also lets a student who has purchased this book, re-sell it to an incoming student. The availability of the Modules in two Parts allows schools, colleges and universities to provide books for half of each Module at a time. This allows flexibility in administering the program.This Student Reader provides the introduction and explanation of all new grammar points as they are incrementally introduced. The following Grammar concepts and types of activities are introduced in this Student Reader. They are then integrated and reinforced through large and small group oral activities, role-plays in the Workbook and Teacher's Guide.- English vocabulary- Listening, understanding and reading orally - Small group question, answer and check answers activities- Whole class brainstorming- Oral role-plays- Small groups - completing role-plays orally- Using "un" or "dis" to form the negative- Small group brainstorming- Completing role-plays- Word bingo- Future progressive tense- Phrasal verbs- Listening and speaking - a Limerick- Problem solving- Count and non-count nouns- Using "much" and "many" "a lot" and "a lot of"- Philosophy of famous artists discussions- Small group discussions - making choices- Types of music- Whole class activities- Object pronouns- Joining words- Small group activity - Expressing opposite ideas- The British Royal Family - Edward V111 - Falling in Love- Reflexive pronouns- The British Royal Family - Edward the V11 - The Age of Men- The Hero King- Charles - Prince of Wales- Present Perfect Tense- Past Participles- Princess Diana of England- Diana, Princess of Broken Hearts- Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton of Britain- Poem: The British Society. As each new idea is introduced it is mastered in a conversational environment. Grammar concepts are introduced incrementally and reinforced by providing extensive oral practice of each new concept before progressing to the next. Students appreciate the small group oral question and answer activities that allow them to check their answers, as they are able to practice these outside of class with a friend. The students do the written work in the Workbook. All answers, tests and extra activities for photocopying are in the Teacher's Guide.This book is the fifth Student Reader of a series that includes Workbooks and Teacher Guides. The conversational material provided stimulates laughter, creating an enjoyable and relaxed learning atmosphere. This series has been popular for the last decade. The online version is being used in more than 80 countries of the world.

About the Author

Daisy Stocker B.Ed., M.Ed. taught in the British and Canadian school systems in different capacities over many years. George Stocker D.D.S. practiced Dentistry and taught in hospitals, colleges and universities. In 1990 they left their Canadian careers and traveled to Czechoslovakia to teach and assist in establishing the first private language school in the country. During the following years the Stockers developed this series of textbooks. Frequent surveys were given to the students to assess the many components of their lessons. The results of the surveys were discussed with the students and only the most helpful content was retained. This grassroots feedback obtained from our students has been positively confirmed by students and teachers in more than 70 countries around the world. Since leaving the Czech Republic the Stockers have taught in Budapest, Hong Kong and Northern India. They make their home in Victoria, Canada.

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