Children's ESl Curriculum: Learning English with Laughter: Teacher's Guide Book 2A: Castles and Things: Second Edition in Color (Paperback)

Children's ESl Curriculum: Learning English with Laughter: Teacher's Guide Book 2A: Castles and Things: Second Edition in Color Cover Image
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TEACHER'S GUIDE 2A: Children's ESL Curriculum, Castles and Things, Second Edition is AVAILABLE IN COLOR ONLY. This ESL textbook is for students 6-8 years of age. It includes 48 pages of colorful ESL activities for 14 children's ESL lessons. This is the third set in a series of 10 children's ESL textbooks, each comprising three books: Student Book, Practice Book and a Teacher's Guide with a Final Test and Glossary Teachers may photocopy all the colorful ESL children's ESL games and ESL children's ESL activities. These reinforce the learning of the material introduced in the Student and Practice Books. We suggest that teachers and schools could cut their expenses by placing the games in clear plastic sheet protectors and sealing them with tape. Small picture pages could be laminated and cut.TYPES OF COLORFUL GAMES AND ACTIVITIES IN THIS GUIDE: - games that review the vocabulary and concepts taught in Books 1A and 1B- review activities for children with some reading and writing skills- games that review rhyming words introduced in Books 1A and 1B- picture activities that reviews the vocabulary used in Lessons 1 to 6- picture activity for students who have covered Lessons 1 to 8- picture activity for use after Lesson 10- Picture Bingo for use after Lesson 12- Picture Bingo with enrichment caption.

About the Author

Daisy Stocker B.Ed., M.Ed. taught in the British and Canadian school systems in different capacities over many years. George Stocker D.D.S. practiced Dentistry and taught in hospitals, colleges and universities. In 1990 they left their Canadian careers and traveled to Czechoslovakia to teach and assist in establishing the first private language school in the country. During the following years the Stockers began the development of the Children's ESL Curriculum Series. Initially a variety of games and activities were tried with the children and their interest in science fiction became apparent. As a result of their input our Children's ESL Curriculum offers science fiction content from Book 2B through seven books to Book 5B. In order to gain an understanding of the needs and interests of Asian Children the Stockers taught for a time at an ESL school in Hong Kong. This series is presently in use in many schools around the world. The Stockers have also taught and given workshops in Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Hungary, Hong Kong, and Northern India. They make their home in Victoria, Canada.

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