The Prince (Paperback)

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By Niccolo Machiavelli, W. K. Marriott (Translator), J. W. Maxcey (Introduction by)
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A political treatise on the rules of power, The Prince is required reading today in thousands of classrooms all over the world. How should a ruler behave? What goals or objectives in peace or in war should be sought and how? Is there ever an extenuating circumstance in state ordered executions? The Prince discusses these topics and more, a controversial introduction of how and how not to use power.

About the Author

Niccolo Machiavelli was a historian, diplomat, philosopher, humanist and writer of 15th Century Renaissance Italy. An emissary for the Florentine Republic, he was jailed by the Medici ruling family when they returned to power. To assuage the Medici patriarch, Lorenzo d'Medici, into possibly letting him out of prison, Machiavelli wrote and dedicated this work of stunning political reality. Categorizing and analyzing the duties of a contemporary Prince, Machiavelli excuses the worst of crimes and promotes questionable virtues in hopes of placating that which a Prince needs to survive: Power.
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