Women Who Need Donuts: Honoring Our Cravings . . . and Building a Business and a Life out of Love. (Hardcover)

Women Who Need Donuts: Honoring Our Cravings . . . and Building a Business and a Life out of Love. Cover Image
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There is a peace to be found in eating what you love that I havent found in any other way. Not everyone can relate to this connection, but for me, its fully correlated. For so long, I struggled with being at peace with my body that the angst manifested in my obsession with food. I wanted to fix my criticism of my body and my internal unease by eating better, restricting, dieting, getting control. It was no surprise I never fixed myself by dieting. It cant be fixed by dieting. I had to start to eat with love to make any headway on my crippling anxiety. I had to eat what I loved and make peace with my cravings to address the deeper issues. For so long, I struggled with what I should eat or shouldnt eat. It was a wonderful way to distract myself from feeling anything else or thinking about uncomfortable topics. Food obsession always reveals a deeper worry. To eat in peace allows us to get honest about what we really feel. The new mantra had to become What would I really love to eat today? I wanted to eat a lot of things, and I wanted doughnuts. I assumed other people wanted to eat doughnuts too. I started making them for myself and getting them out there to the masses. This permission to myself to eat doughnuts turned into a multimillion dollar businessa sign that making decisions out of love can have great results.

About the Author

Leigh Kellis founded The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine. It started as a tiny wholesale operation out of her kitchen and grew in 6 years to a 3 location operation employing 80 people and selling 2 million donuts per year. The business resulted from her honoring her donut cravings and wanting to add something sweet and comforting to the world. The Holy Donut has been written about in The New York Times, Wall St Journal, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Elle Magazine and The Boston Globe. Leigh encourages people to eat what they really love and see what good things can happen!

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ISBN: 9781504397889
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Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: February 20th, 2018
Pages: 108
Language: English