Archetypes of Soul (Paperback)

Archetypes of Soul By N*i*n Sharyn Bebeau Ma, Charles Bebeau Ph. D. Cover Image
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Beneath the hurdy-gurdy madness of your world lies an orderly web of patterns that structure your reality. Nothing is random. There is a predictable order to the strings that weave your fate. You live on one interconnected planet comprised of twelve primal, universal, omnipresent patterns. Your Soul passes through specific stages in its life cycle and you experience them as the hand turning the Wheel of Destiny. This book will help you recognize the patterns in your life and thus ease your way as you ride The Wheel of Fate. These archetypal profiles are keys to unlock the mysteries inside you and inside your past. They can show you the possibilities of what your future may hold. These universal energies move through your body as life force and through your mind as consciousness. In the body, each ache and pain, each accident and illness is a communication from the body guiding you to refine some aspect of your relationship with the archetypal pattern of the life force within you. These patterns imprint you on spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels. The profiles in this book reveal the quirks and common threads intrinsic to in each archetype. They map the traits, events, likes and dislikes that accompany each archetype and by so doing, reveal the hidden threads that weave your personal version of reality.

About the Author

Dr. Charles Bebeau (1944-2008) was a brilliant philosopher, astrologer, and archetypal psychotherapist. He synthesized the psychology of Carl Jung and the astrology of Dane Rudhyar with psychotherapeutic techniques from Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers, Erik Erikson and other theoreticians. In his private practice and his teachings, Dr. Bebeau synthesized Astrology, Mythology, Quantum Mechanics, Eastern Philosophy, Alchemy, Hermetic Symbol Systems, Breathwork, and Dreamwork with an understanding of the world's major religions to show the predictable patterns underlying world events. From an archetypal perspective, he explored the unfolding process of the Soul. He synthesized Soul Psychology and Astrology into a unified field theory to show the unfolding cyclical processes that move through mind, body, spirit, soul, nature, dreams, and personal events. His Archetypal Theory explored the nature of the Soul and delineated its attributes, which is the basis of The Archetypes of Soul. He showed people how their Soul's process colors every aspect of who they are and how they live their lives. Dr. Bebeau and his wife N*I*N wrote Soul Matrix and The Archetypes of Soul. As partners, they created four graduate level schools where they taught people to look at life from a broad perspective, from a God's eye view. In their schools and therapeutic work, they equipped their students and clients to meet life consciously. Their work was both sacred and awesome. Over the course of thirty years, Dr. and Mrs. Bebeau developed curriculum, taught classes, facilitated groups, and directed the four schools they founded. The Colorado Institute of Transpersonal Psychology Boulder College Avalon Institute The Archetypal Academy. N*I*N Sharyn Bebeau, MA, MA. is an author and teacher. She developed unique teaching techniques to make learning a deeply transformative experience. N*I*N founded the Qadisha, a Priestesshood dedicated to honoring life. The priestesses in this women's ritual group supported each other in making life-affirming choices. As a Peacemaker, N*I*N was an Ambassador for Peace in the Universal Peace Federation and a member of the Women's Federation for World Peace. On a world tour, she traveled internationally speaking about creating a peaceful global community. She hosted an annual International Sisters in Peace gathering for women of all faiths, spiritual paths and nationalities. She birthed three children and mothered many more.

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