Retirement at Risk!: Keeping Seven Predators Away From Your Retirement Nest Egg (Paperback)

Retirement at Risk!: Keeping Seven Predators Away From Your Retirement Nest Egg By David W. Evans Cover Image
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You have worked hard, saved diligently, and invested wisely. You are about to say goodbye to the working years, and hello to living life on your own terms. You have enough money tucked away to make it, so let "the golden years" begin But be careful. Predators lurk in the shadows of that bright, green meadow you are about to step onto, and retirement "nest eggs" are their favorite meal In the words of one couple who retired just as the 2008 market crash wiped out almost half of their savings, "It's a jungle out there " It can be a jungle out there - fully stocked with predators for which unprepared retirees are easy pickings. Author and financial planner Dave Evans has spent decades identifying threats to financial security and has exposed seven of the most dangerous ones in Retirement at Risk His mission is help you keep your financial footing throughout retirement and avoid ending up at the bottom of the food chain, so to speak. Some of the predators you encounter here will be obvious - their danger readily apparent. Others will surprise you. They are well camouflaged - hiding in plain sight. Some of these critters may not be a threat to you now, but could appear later. You will learn how each of them threatens your financial security, and how to arm yourself with strategies and concepts that will keep them at bay for good.

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ISBN: 9781514892473
ISBN-10: 1514892472
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 28th, 2015
Pages: 132
Language: English