Quest for Self-Love: Positive Affirmations Towards Self-Assistance (Paperback)

Quest for Self-Love: Positive Affirmations Towards Self-Assistance By J. D. Rockefeller Cover Image
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Hate those big brown eyes? Wrinkled skin? And not-so-great body physique? SELF-ACCEPTANCE is what you need. Accept the way you are, PERIOD Otherwise, it can hold you back from becoming an improved version of yourself. Now the question is "do you accept who you are?" This is one of the questions that many people find hard to answer. If not, cling to hope because self-acceptance is something that can be nurtured. There's no any part of you and your body that you should feel dreaded of because every single detail of you is totally unique- and that's what makes you perfect. However, self-improvement is also one of the limelight of self-acceptance. In order to keep climbing the ladder to self- success, an individual needs to love his or her full existence. Self-acceptance can serve as an individual stepping stone towards developing one's life. It does not necessarily mean that we have to be stagnant in what we have and what we are. As we all know, no one is perfect. Therefore, there would always be a room for self-improvement. As a rule, we must break boundaries that hinder us from taking the path towards having a progressive version of ourselves In this document, brace yourself to a newer height of self-acceptance, self-improvement and self-love as you reflect and ponder on the sheer power of positive affirmations for a dramatic transformation of your viewpoints in life.

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J.D.ROCKEFELLER is an internationally renowned author with a simple, yet engaging writing style. An avid world traveler and wine connoisseur, he enjoys looking at the world through a writer's lens and putting his thoughts to paper everywhere he goes. We invite you to stay tuned for many of his upcoming writings by visiting

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