A River: The Thread That Binds (Hardcover)

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Life is an adventure. Some things we can control, other experiences randomly happen. We can choose the environment, however, and the Deschutes River located in Central Oregon has had a significant impact on my life. Through poems, essays, and photographs with their captions, experiences will be shared in hopes that the reader can relate to shared feelings or vicariously enjoy a most refreshing immersion.

Not all life's happenings are pleasant or have a happy ending. The roller coaster of life is something we all share. But we find buffers that sustain us and certainly the natural world, particularly a special river, can help keep our keel headed in the right direction.

Even though this is a personal sharing, most of the experienced feelings are universal. Whether the reader enjoys an escape while reposed in an armchair, or is moved to make some plans to break out of the humdrum, or perhaps even finds some healing in the reading experience, my efforts will be fulfilled.

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ISBN: 9781535609098
ISBN-10: 1535609095
Publisher: Leland P Beamer
Publication Date: February 20th, 2018
Pages: 124
Language: English