The Peacock's Tail Feathers (Reading the Bible the Celtic Way) (Paperback)

The Peacock's Tail Feathers (Reading the Bible the Celtic Way) By Kenneth McIntosh Cover Image
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Learn how the ancient Christian Celts read the Bible-and discover new ways to understand the sacred Scriptures today.

The Celts' perspectives on the Bible were far less literal than many modern viewpoints, and yet at the same time, they treasured even deeper layers of meaning than are familiar to most twenty-first century readers. For the Celts, Scripture was a wondrous treasure trove of metaphor and meaning, stories and symbols, all pointing to the loving Mystery that weaves through all Reality.

"At certain points while reading this book, I could just nod my head, seeing in print things that I have felt deeply but had never put into words. At other points I was stopped in my tracks, reading something that seemed so simple, yet so profound. There were times I had to stop and re-read the same paragraph several times, not because it was too difficult to understand, but because there was so much packed into just a few sentences."

-Steve Robinson, Wolf Mountain Books

"A very good introduction to how the Celtic followers of Jesus read and saw the Bible. I highly recommend it. Ken's writing style is really easy to follow-which is saying a lot for such a vast and complex topic."

-Jack Gillespie, Celtic priest in the Lindisfarne Community

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Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
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