Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men: Reduce Anxiety and Take Charge of Your Life (Paperback)

Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men: Reduce Anxiety and Take Charge of Your Life By Lisa Campbell, PhD, Karie A. Kermath, Henry L. Peterson, Lt. Colonel (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men is the definitive behavioral activation workbook to take charge of your life and recover from PTSD.

Behavioral activation is a proactive, evidence-based therapy program that helps you take back your life from PTSD. Using actionable exercises, Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men helps you overcome triggers and avoidance behaviors by reintroducing positive, mood-boosting activities into your daily life.

Lisa Burgert Campbell, PhD, a trauma counselor and psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs, along with Karie Kermath, a trauma survivor, have specifically designed this self-paced program to tackle the unique challenges that men with PTSD commonly face. Through targeted exercises that address home life, work life, social life, and recreation, Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men offers real, results-driven strategies to cope and recover from PTSD.

Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men encourages you to take action and move past trauma, with:
  • An introduction that explains the causes and symptoms of PTSD, and addresses how behavior activation can help you heal
  • Action-oriented exercises that target the main life arenas affected by PTSD (home, work, relationships, and wellness), and don't require you to dwell on traumatic memories, emotions, or bodily sensations to complete
  • A self-paced, flexible program for people who have never had psychotherapy, that can be completed based on individual needs and goals

Whether the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, every day is an opportunity to heal and move on. Offering strategies and support, Behavioral Activation for PTSD: A Workbook for Men shows you how to beat PTSD and make recovery your new reality.

About the Author

LISA BURGERT CAMPBELL, PhD, is a psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs. She currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the San Diego VA, South County PTSD Program and is affiliated with the psychology training program at the University of California, San Diego. For the past fifteen years, she’s counseled all types of trauma survivors, at the VA and in her private practice.

KARIE A. KERMATH is a trauma survivor who successfully completed Prolonged Exposure for PTSD. After her life went rogue, she discovered the healing power of sharing her experiences and helping others take on their own PTSD symptoms.

CHAPLAIN HENRY L. PETERSON has served in the military and worked closely with veterans for the past 53 years. During his military career, he first served in the U.S. Air Force; later, while in the Army Active Reserves, he served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He saw combat while serving with the United Arab Emirates Army during that conflict. Today, Peterson is part of the PTSD Clinical Team at the VA, San Diego, and has counseled veterans of every war from WW II to the current conflicts in the Middle East. In addition, he counsels survivors of Military Sexual Trauma and takes a special interest in reaching out to homeless Veterans in order to enroll them in VA Health Care.

Praise For…

"In Behavioral Activation for PTSD, Dr. Lisa Campbell and Karie Kermath have come up with a workbook that educates and empowers its readers to systematically go through the steps to customize and manage their recovery from PTSD. The authors of this book are able to speak directly to their readers, in their language, and thoughtfully provide hope along the way to better knowing and understanding yourself. Over and over again they express the sentiment that PTSD is a "normal" response to an "abnormal" situation. This is a book that has a place in any fire department library."—Martin Ellis, Firefighter/EMT, Member, Critical Incident Stress Management

“ Dr. Lisa Burgert Campbell and Karie Kermath have done something very important with The Behavioral Activation for PTSD : they've captured the true struggle experienced by men suffering from PTSD. Even after engaging in evidence-based therapies and reducing symptoms, many still suffer in real-life ways because PTSD impacts activity in many areas of life. Recovery takes more than just symptom relief—it requires taking active steps to re-engage with the world. This groundbreaking workbook uses Behavioral Activation to help men struggling with PTSD by guiding them to return to a full, active, and meaningful life. This workbook is just what’s needed. I hope all men who have experienced trauma have the chance to benefit from this thoughtful, practical, and significant contribution to PTSD recovery.”—Robyn D. Walser, PhD, National Center for PTSD, Author of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Trauma-Related Problems

Behavioral Activation for PTSD is a book that's needed now more than ever. When I returned from combat in 1991, there was still not much talk about PTSD. Now we are much more aware of it, but no one plans to develop PTSD, or knows it right away when they do. I didn’t know there was a problem until several areas of my life, which are specifically addressed in this workbook, were falling apart. Which is why I love this book so much: it’s written with the expertise of a PTSD treatment professional and from the perspective of a PTSD survivor. That means it’s both highly effective and is relatable to the person living with the effects of trauma. I hope everyone dealing with symptoms of PTSD gets this book and receives the full benefit that it has to offer. What you stand to gain is the rest of your life.”—Keynan Hobbs MSN,RN,PMHCNS-BC, 1/502d Inf, 101st Airborne Div, Desert Storm

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