Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes (Hardcover)

Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes By Gerald Bellett Cover Image
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An acclaimed award-winning non-fiction international political thriller exposing the real reason for Watergate, the hidden death of Howard Hughes, and the illicit activities of the CIA, with the CIA's worldwide pursuit of John Meier trying to expose it all, including revealing information on the RFK Assassination and Critical Comments by New York Times bestselling author Jim Hougan.


During the Watergate hearings, one man wanted to tell a spellbound nation secrets about the Nixon White House, the CIA and Howard Hughes. He could have told them why the burglary happened but that was not what the Committee wanted to hear. To keep him from telling his secrets, he was persecuted, jailed and forced into exile in Canada. His name is John Meier; his employer was Howard Hughes; Age of Secrets is his story.

Former U.S. Senate candidate John Meier had Top Secret security clearance with the U.S. Government and has been referred to in the media as the man who brought down President of the United States Richard Nixon in Watergate, the greatest political scandal in U.S. history. Meier was the right-hand man to Howard Hughes, the world's richest individual, and Meier was the first person to expose the CIA's connection to the Hughes Organization and the only person to call for a congressional hearing into the death of Howard Hughes.

Meier was responsible for the CIA's creation of the legal term Glomar Response, when an agency refuses to confirm or deny the existence of records or information, and he was an intelligence agent with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

Howard Hughes supplied the CIA with a cover organization to hide anything they possess or do. When Meier opted out of the organization, he became an impediment to its continued existence.

John Meier was a Diplomat who operated at the highest levels of Government including as Vice Chairman of the Humphrey-Muskie National Finance Committee, during Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey's Presidential Campaign, serving on President Richard Nixon's Task Force on Resources and Environment and a Special Consultant to Nixon's Environmental Quality Advisory Committee, and an advisor to several U.S. Senators including Senators Hubert Humphrey, Robert F. Kennedy, and Mike Gravel, who credited Meier with preventing the spread of nuclear power within the United States.

The full U.S. Senate Watergate Committee granted Meier immunity, in order for Meier to testify at a public Watergate hearing on the relationships between the Nixon Administration and Howard Hughes. Meier was the next person to testify to tell the world what he knew, but the Watergate hearings went back into secret session to prevent Meier from revealing what he was going to expose as he was told his testimony would be too damaging and that a lot of people were worried that too much would be uncovered about Howard Hughes' dealings beyond President Nixon.

Meier has been a major source to the media, including America's top investigative reporter, The Washington Post's Jack Anderson, and attempted to then expose what he knew through the media, with the CIA pursuing Meier across the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Tonga, and the Dominican Republic to stop him at all cost, including framing him for a number of offences including murder, and attempting to assassinate him.

In the Afterword of the book, Meier sums up his politically motivated battle by saying "My story is one of a man devastated by a corrupt system. Our governments are increasingly disrespectful of basic human rights such that we can no longer legitimately call our nations democracies. I hope that this story will contribute to changing this course".

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