Dragon's Destiny: Voyages of Fortune Book Three (Paperback)

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Three missions. Two bloodlines. One endgame. One destiny.

In the Indian Ocean, 2005: Time-traveler Henry finds himself imprisoned on Jenn's ship of mercenaries, more than seven decades farther into the future than he expected. He will have to find a way to win the trust of a crew captained by his greatest nemesis if he is to have any hope of accomplishing the Order of the Dragon's goals, and saving Natalia's captured gypsy troop.

Following the crew's attempted mutiny, castaway Mark Fletcher decides to return home to England. But the Urumi's demonic Order has other ideas for Mark's future. They are planning to turn him against the crew in a final bid to control time itself.

To stop the Urumi, the crew must fight their way through multiple enemies in one of the world's most dangerous cities, as they try to gain control of the Invisible Circus's time-travel portals. Their success or failure may hinge on a secret deep in crewmember Mei Hua's past that could mean she is fated to play a pivotal role in the Order of the Dragon's endgame.

In Romania, 1890: Having escaped from her grandfather's rival gypsy troop, Natalia must make her way into the Ottoman Empire to locate the only magical object that could save her people. But her grandfather's adopted daughter, a vicious tyrant with superhuman combat abilities, is hot on her trail. Can Natalia outwit her long enough to aid the Order of the Dragon and lead her troop to salvation?

Location Unknown, 1928: Seven decades into the future, the Order of the Dragon's and the Urumi's ploys are coming to a head, but what role might world traveler and adventurer Alma Karlin still have to play?

The stakes have never been higher as the struggle to control time enters its final stages. The only hope is to trust the notes that continue to appear out of nowhere, sent by a mysterious puppet master who seems to be pulling all the strings for some purpose still unknown. Henry, the crew, and Natalia must fight their most difficult battles yet as they attempt to accomplish the Order of the Dragon's true purpose, uncover the sender's real identity, and the common destiny that will change the world.

The Voyages of Fortune trilogy is an eons-spanning, historical fantasy adventure. Its expansive story connects the royalty of the European Middle Ages with a space-folding pirate ship, sailing the high seas of the twenty-first century Indian Ocean. A action-packed adventure of self-discovery where nothing is as it seems; when nothing is certain, the only one you can rely on is yourself.

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-young adult fantasy adventure series


-shapeshifters & demons

-magic and mystery

-pirate ship

-high seas quest


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