International Students' Experience in UK Higher Education (Paperback)

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Dr Eunice Okorocha did her PhD at the Department of Educational Studies of The University of Surrey, England. She is the author of Supervising International Research Students published by Society for Research into Higher Education.(SRHE) 1st Edition 1997 and 2nd Edition 2007. Crossing Cultures (2004) published by Transfiguration Press Abroad. Also Cultural Issues in Working with International Students (April 2010) and Counselling International Students (April 2010) published by Abramis Academic Publishing. This book is a research based investigation of the academic, personal, social and cultural experience of international students. The issues discussed have remained constant over the years. For instance issues of communication and learning across cultures will always be relevant and of great interest to the international students and all who work with them. Conversely other aspects of the international student's experience continue to develop. For example with the widespread use of the internet and mobile phones, communication with friends and family back home is now much easier. International Students can feel more at home in their new environment because familiar foods from their native countries are more accessible than ever before. However, International Students' fees have increased greatly, and with the global economic crunch, an ever increasing number of high quality Universities abroad, and more competition from European countries for the recruitment of international students, parents and students now have more choices. It is therefore important that Institutions are seen to be giving International students value for money because a satisfied customer is the best possible marketing agent for acquiring new students.

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