Kia Hiwa Ra! Listen to Culture-M Ori Students' Plea to Educators (Paperback)


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"Kia hiwa ra" literally means "to be alert." This book is intended to alert teachers to models of good teaching in diverse classrooms and to encourage them to be alert to the various cultures that are represented. If we want to extend academic achievement for Māori students, we need to create a strong foundation for their learning. This foundation includes building upon students' cultural and experiential strengths to help them acquire new skills and knowledge. This book records the work and thoughts of culturally-relevant teachers, all of whom demonstrate connectedness with students and who see their classrooms as places where they "listen to culture" in order to forge meaningful relationships that enhance the quality of the learning environment. Kia Hiwa Ra is a book which can help all teachers to become "educultural" helping them to understand themselves, their culture, and the culture of others - and to be more successful with all students.

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ISBN: 9781877293290
ISBN-10: 1877293296
Publisher: Nzcer Press
Publication Date: October 10th, 2004
Pages: 122
Language: English