Medicare's Mysteries-A Consumer's Guide: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Medicare Maze (Paperback)

Medicare's Mysteries-A Consumer's Guide: What You Need to Know to Navigate the Medicare Maze By Ronald J. Iverson Cover Image
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There's a reason you're thinking of buying this book. The reason may be in the first frame of the title, Medicare's Mysteries-A Consumer's Guide, It might even be in the subtitle, (And what you need to know to navigate the Medicare maze)." All are good reasons, and as we work our way through the book, you will not only become well-educated in Medicare matters, you will have removed any fears and answered most of your questions. And most of Medicare's mysteries will be solved for you.
In my 50 years as an insurance agent, and 40 years in the Medicare sales business, the most common phrase I hear is "What's Medicare all about? I'm confused with all the offers and plans and really don't know where I stand."
Well, things change. And in the case of Medicare, change has resulted in more confusion over the years, which then requires a need for more knowledge and education-now much more than ever before. Time was when Medicare covered a few basics in hospitalization and doctoring but left some gaps, some of which insurance companies were allowed to cover with what became known as Medigap policies.
Before we go any further, let me interrupt a moment and discuss the heart of the matter-Medicare knowledge. That's why we are here to help you-in your knowledge of Medicare. The goal is to make it easy for you to quickly find the answers to your questions. And the exclamation points in the margins, as in this paragraph, indicate information that is especially important.
I have given hundreds of Medicare seminars, presentations, clinics, etc., and written several books on the subject. Those speaking engagements and books were written to help agents understand Medicare. As president of the National Association of Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Producers, Inc., I'm called upon to keep our members informed through twice-weekly newsletters on the latest information relative to Medicare, most of which emanates from Washington, D. C.
So, if it is important to teach Medicare agents the basics of Medicare, is it not just as important-if not more so-to educate the public on the matter? I think it is. And that's the purpose of this book. There are no secrets in Medicare, so I don't teach agents anything that you should not know. But there is a lot to learn, and the process can become frustrating and baffling. There may not be secrets, but there is a plethora of unknown knowledge-which then leads to confusion and mystery.
With that backdrop, let's get to work. We'll go from Point A to Point Z and endeavor to deliver the massive amount of information in an understandable sequence.
Take your time as you read, and put yourself at ease as you absorb or check the material. I think you actually may enjoy becoming an educated Medicare consumer as we unravel the "mysteries" of Medicare.

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