Who Will Make the Snow? (Hardcover)

Who Will Make the Snow? By Taras Prokhasko, Marjana Prokhasko (Illustrator), Marjana Prokhasko, Jennifer Croft (Translated by), Boris Dralyuk (Translated by) Cover Image
By Taras Prokhasko, Marjana Prokhasko (Illustrator), Marjana Prokhasko, Jennifer Croft (Translated by), Boris Dralyuk (Translated by)
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“I’d like to settle down in Beech Forest, read the news in The Daily Mole, and visit friends at The Under-the-Oak Cafe. Taras’ story has a classic feel with contemporary generosity, lifted by a superb translation and textured illustrations.”
— Timothy Otte, Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis, MN



The two newest moles in the forest learn to dig themselves out of their comfort zones and experience the boundless, unpredictable world around them—a Social Emotional Learning adventure

Twin moles, Purr and Craw, are born on the first day of spring. The newest members of their woodland world, they’re curious about everything. What is swimming? Why does mother speak French as she makes pancakes? What does father scrawl in his notebook? Do animals live in the sea? Why do grownups eat smelly cheese? How do we get better when we're sick? What happens when we die? As they start to grow up, every day is filled with another adventure as they explore the peculiar characters that surround them in the forest. Home is always waiting for them, filled with the clacking of father’s typewriter, the sound of mother playing her upright bass, and the smells of quince jam and medicinal moss brews. During their adventures outside the home, they learn that the world is sometimes scarier, stranger and more dangerous than it seemed from the pocket of their father’s coat. Each new encounter leaves Purr and Craw a little braver and wiser and with a few extra friends. Beautifully illustrated with scenes of mischief and discovery by Marjana Prohasko, Who Will Make the Snow? reminds us that the world is always larger and more wonderful than we can see from our own corner of the woods.

About the Author

Taras Prokhasko is a Ukrainian novelist and children's book author. With his wife, Marjana Prohasko, he wrote several beloved books, including Who Will Make the Snow?, named a BBC Ukrainian Children's Book of the Year. 

Marjana Prokhasko is Ukrainian writer and illustrator. She has co-authored several books for children, including How to Understand a Goat and Where the Sea Vanished

Translator: Boris Dralyuk
Boris Dralyuk is an award-winning literary translator, poet, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He has translated Russian and Polish classics by Isaac Babel, Andrey Kurkov, and Mikhail Zoshchenko. Who Will Make the Snow? is translated with Jennifer Croft, winner of the Man Booker International Prize in 2018.

Praise For…

“This sweet, strange and quietly philosophical illustrated chapter book follows a year in the life of the newborn twin moles Purl and Crawly, who live in a whimsically imagined woodland community . . . Akin in spirit and tone to A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh and Tove Jansson’s Moomin series, its narrative takes its time, stopping to appreciate the changing seasons and everyday moments of cozy family life, all enchantingly illustrated with soft, scribbly drawings . . . Subtle hints of anxiety, melancholy and even existentialism underpin the cuteness. — Catherine Hong, The New York Times

"Originally published in Ukraine, this sweet, strange, lightly philosophical book, illustrated with soft, scribbly drawings, features newborn twin moles who live in a whimsically imagined woodland community. The title comes from the moles’ belief that when they die they will rise to the clouds and make the snow for those left behind." — The New York Times (best children's books of 2023)

"This fanciful tale relates a year in the life of a family of moles and their neighbors . . . In Mrs. Prokhasko’s affectionate and colorful scratchy-lined pictures, the moles are shown with inky oblong bodies and noses that resemble tiny beaks. They can be seen in charming tableaux enjoying such pleasures as hammocks, typewriters and cups of percolated coffee. A gentle philosophical note wafts into the story from time to time, notably in winter, when a group of young characters discusses where snow comes from." — Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal

“In this tale originally published in Ukraine, mole twins born on the first day of spring discover a generally welcoming world outside their burrow as the seasons pass . . . Animal residents gather at the Under the Oak Café to peruse the gossipy Daily Mole, which Papa Mole compiles and types up, while Mama Mole makes quince jam and leads her large family, including little Purl and Crawly, out in autumn to sketch the changing trees while she plays her double bass . . . A stormy autumn flood provides some mild danger, but overall this short chapter book makes for cozy, peaceable reading.” Kirkus Reviews

"This cozily domestic chapter book by married team the Prokhaskos opens on the first day of spring, when twins Crawly and Purl are born to an already sizable mole family . . . Forest adventures follow in seven chapters, accompanied by lively discussion . . . A world in which conflict stays largely mole-sized and manageable, while softly colored, scribbly line drawings provide glimpses of mole home life, including neat lines of drying underwear and a simmering cauldron of quince jam." Publishers Weekly

“With topics of daily life that prompt the reader toward existential questions and that shine a spotlight on the small joys, [Who Will Make the Snow?] delights any age. The line drawings of the moles capture the essence of the characters and underscore the power of simplicity.” — Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk

"Marjana Prokhasko's illustrations are beautifully textured and atmospheric. The characters draw you into their whimsical world, a place I would like to stay! There are so many sweet details throughout – a feast for the eyes and a delight for the inquisitive reader (or mole)!"Esmé Shapiro, author of Alma and the Beast

"Beech Forest has the same Utopian charm of the Hundred Acre Wood and Moominvalley, and like those settings I would very much like to settle down, read the news in The Daily Mole, and visit friends at Under the Oak Cafe. It's not that nothing bad happens here, it's just that life's movements follow the seasons and all challenges are faced bravely and in community. Taras's story has the feel of a classic with a contemporary generosity, especially thanks to a lift from Dralyuk and Croft's superb translation, and Marjana's textured illustrations are expressive, often gorgeous, and full of delightful details."
Timothy Otte, Wild Rumpus Books, Minneapolis

"In a small community that feels a bit like the Hundred Acre Wood, a large family of moles—which called to mind my father’s enormous Catholic family of origin—welcomes a pair of twins.  It is spring, and the book will follow the family through the rest of the seasons with a delightful series of vignettes.  The stories are incredibly charming and wholesome, timeless yet feminist (see Mama Mole).  The illustrations are stunning—unique and unforgettable.  Over the course of a year, the two youngest moles learn so much—namely, how to be brave. Who Will Make the Snow? is a standout treasure.  Bonus points: it introduced me to both an intriguing Ukrainian writer and an intriguing Ukrainian visual artist."Mary Wahlmeier Bracciano, Raven Bookstore, Lawrence, KS

"The illustrations by Marjana Prokhasko are stunning and detailed, capturing the beauty and diversity of the forest. The colors are vibrant and inviting, creating a sense of wonder and joy. The text is simple and engaging . . . The book also includes a glossary of Ukrainian words at the end, which adds to the cultural richness and authenticity of the story . . . A perfect choice for families who want to share a cozy and uplifting read with their children." Momma Braga

“As a seemingly gentle story proceeds, significant events and challenges occur that show the animals’ resilience, courage, and camaraderie . . . From the whimsical text to the soft yet vibrant illustrations, this charming chapter book brings to life the Mole family dynamics, the woodland community, and seasonal changes. Who Will Make the Snow? would be a cozy addition to any family or classroom library.” Michelle Nott

"Homey settings brought to life by Marjana Prokhasko’s striking illustrations result in a cozy chapter book reminiscent of the work of Maurice Sendak or Beatrix Potter. Don’t be fooled by the whimsy, though; amid the sled rides and leisurely strolls, characters confront harsh realities such as death (the title refers to the dead moles who create snow in the afterlife) and child abandonment. Adults may find the story off-putting—compared with most American kid lit, there’s more bitter mixed in with the sweet—but youngsters will adore it." —Mahnaz Dar, Kirkus Reviews

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