Voyage of The Solar System (Hardcover)

Voyage of The Solar System By Megan Scott Cover Image
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An imaginative use of blended nonfiction and storytelling to engage middle-grade reluctant readers.

Did you know asteroids can have their own moons? They can

What gives Neptune its blue color? Methane

Is our sun the most common type in the universe? Spoiler - it's not

Enjoy this brief overview of our solar system's most interesting facts presented by Blaze, a brave fictional tour guide. Blaze and her crew are exploring the universe with a train full of space tourists.

The beautiful two-page art spreads play with color and light to bring space to life.

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ISBN: 9781955561167
ISBN-10: 1955561168
Publisher: Earthy Info
Publication Date: March 4th, 2022
Pages: 24
Language: English