The Wisdom of a Coach: Health, Wealth, Education, Athletics, a Game Plan for Life (Paperback)

The Wisdom of a Coach: Health, Wealth, Education, Athletics, a Game Plan for Life By Barry Goldsmith Cover Image
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Read about from our leaders have made a mess of Education (the foundation of America) discussing charter schools, no child left behind, accountability and to the top. For tennis teachers learn the strokes, singles and doubles strategy and the best methods to practice. For health teacher share about - his methods to make every lesson significant and meaning for basketball coaches learn the triangle and two offense taught used by Bernie Red Sarachek long before Phil Jackson, Tex Winter, or Red Helzman knew it. The author has taught and coached 1000's of tennis and basketball players, produced two city and two national championships, over 50 all American and nine national singles and doubles individual champions. Travel with the author and his wife around the world visiting over 45 nations and three Olympics and participating as a coach despite having the American Dream, in the Moscow Games the best and most beautiful wife, a dream house in Brooklyn, top of the line calls; wonderful twin sons and family and usually enough wealth he experiences and shares with you Forrest Gumps' statement. "If you live long enough SHIT HAPPENS to everyone. It is not as if it will happen but when and how you cope, deal with, and handles the distress of life.

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