Turing's Revolution: The Impact of His Ideas about Computability (Hardcover)

Turing's Revolution: The Impact of His Ideas about Computability By Giovanni Sommaruga (Editor), Thomas Strahm (Editor) Cover Image
By Giovanni Sommaruga (Editor), Thomas Strahm (Editor)
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Preface (Martin Davis).-

I Introduction (Sommaruga, Strahm).-

II Turing and the history of computability theory .-

1. Conceptual Confluence in 1936: Post & Turing, Martin Davis and Wilfried Sieg.-
2. Algorithms: From Al-Khwarizmi to Turing and Beyond, Wolfgang Thomas.-
3. The Stored-Program Universal Computer: Did Zuse Anticipate Turing and von Neumann? Jack Copeland and Giovanni Sommaruga.-

III Generalizing Turing computability theory.-

1. Theses for Computation and Recursion on Concrete and Abstract Structures, Solomon Feferman.-
2. Generalizing Computability Theory to Abstract Algebras, John V. Tucker and Jeffrey Zucker.-
3. Discrete Transfinite Computation, Philip Welch.-
4. Semantics-to-Syntax Analyses of Algorithms, Yuri Gurevich.-
5. The Information Content of Typical Reals, George Barmpalias and Andy Lewis-Pye.-
6. Proof-theoretic Analysis by Iterated Reflection, Lev Beklemishev.-

IV Philosophical reflections.-

1. Alan Turing and the Foundation of Computer Science, Juraj Hromkovic.-
2. Proving Things about the Informal, Stewart Shapiro.-
3. Why Turing's Thesis is Not a Thesis, Robert Soare.-
4. Incomputability, Emergent, and Higher Type Computation, S. Barry Cooper.

About the Author

Giovanni Sommaruga is Professor for philosopy of logic and mathematics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Thomas Strahm is Professor for mathematical logic and theoretical computer science at the University of Berne, Switzerland.

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