Work Trips And Road Trips: The insightful guide for the curious, the restless, and the adventurous freelancer (Paperback)

Work Trips And Road Trips: The insightful guide for the curious, the restless, and the adventurous freelancer By Diana Jean Joiner (Editor), Ewelina Dymek (Illustrator), Christiane Wallner-Haas Cover Image
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As an established freelancer, the world is your oyster. You choose when, where, and who to work with every day. How do you make the most of it? Work Trips and Road Trips is a book for creative solopreneurs who want to wander and wonder at the world. These stories, interviews, and prompts give you many paths to the same destination - a life of adventure and meaning. Get inspired by established freelancers and solopreneurs who all work in the creative industries. *** We're grateful Work Trips and Road Trips has been reviewed by amazing people we greatly admire: Annie Daly, branded content editor at Self Magazine: "A must-read for all freelancers with a serious case of wanderlust who want, more than anything else, to create a life they never feel the need to escape from." Kathi Kamleitner, editor at "A creative inspiration, thoughtful reminder and encouraging guidance all in one. Monika gets you thinking about your life choices, next business steps and as always your priorities." Katy Cowan, founding editor of Creative Boom and MD at Boomerang PR: "Through her new book, Monika yet again shows us how to free ourselves from the chains of conventionalism and live a different, more adventurous life where we can thrive and be successful without following a traditional path. Worth your time " Emma Gannon, author and host of CtrlAltDelete Podcast: "This book is not a fairytale story or book of inspirational quotes, it is full of solid advice that you will keep with you throughout the rest of your career." *** We've interviewed Dani Bradford, Vanessa Bruckner, Theresa Lachner, Lauren Hom, Mich le Pauty, Becky Burton, Yana Gilbuena, Kayleigh Owen, Jule M ller, Laura Karasinski, Yasmine kermark, Natalie Howard, Kaitlyn Reed, Stephanie Danforth, and Liz Wellington for this book. #SMARTCREATIVES.

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Publication Date: June 20th, 2017
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