Someone Is Burning My Lord, Kumbaaya (Paperback)

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Kumbaaya, a nine-year-old boy, keeps asking himself and the other students, "who is Guruji and how does he do those impossible things " They attend an exclusive school for boys, taught by Guruji, where they learn to control special powers.

A twelve-year-old child bride is almost burned alive on the funeral pyre with her ninety-nine-year-old, deceased husband. Kumbaaya and his fellow student warriors needed Guruji's help to save the girl and defeat a giant, even with their supernatural weapons and skills.

Their schooling and skills are put to the test again in other deadly situations.

Will Kumbaaya survive transformative discipline when he goes against Guruji?

Will Guruji's school for boys fracture with the presence of the girl-bride?

Will Kumbaaya be killed or kidnapped by the travelers from the future?

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ISBN: 9788194055846
ISBN-10: 8194055849
Publisher: Freedom with Pluralism
Publication Date: November 27th, 2020
Pages: 96
Language: English