Politics of Change in Middle East and North Africa since Arab Spring A Lost Decade? (Hardcover)

Politics of Change in Middle East and North Africa since Arab Spring A Lost Decade? By Muddassir Quamar Cover Image
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A decade since the eruption of Arab Spring protests in the Middle East and North Africa, the region continues to confront the primary causes of the popular disenchantment including economic deprivation, bad governance, corruption and limited avenues for political expression. Democratisation, the buzzword in 2011 has given way to debates around conflict management and resolution. Simultaneously, there are mounting economic challenges throughout the region that have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are some silver linings such as a focus on reforms, greater scrutiny against corruption, demand for better governance, and awareness regarding women empowerment and rights of minorities. The volume, Politics of Change in the Middle East and North Africa since Arab Spring: A Lost Decade?, commemorates the ten years of the eruption of Arab Spring protests. It captures some of the prevailing political, economic, strategic and social issues in MENA.

1. Introduction

2. Saudi Arabia after the Arab Spring

3. Exploring the Nexus between Democratisation, Authoritarianism and Patriarchy in Iran and Saudi Arabia

4. Al-Azhar as a Key Player in Countering the Radical Ideology of Global Jihad

5. Gulf Think Tanks and Regional Security Policy after 2011

6. The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

7. (Un)Development Effects of Real Estate Boom in Egypt after the Arab Uprising

8. Arab Spring and Arms Trade in MENA

9. Lebanon's 17 October Revolution, WhatsApp and Mass Mobilisation

10. The Arab Spring and Extremism among Sunni Minorities in Iran

11. Digitalisation of Conflict and Cooperation in the Middle East

12. The Shadow Line: Turkey and the Arab Spring

13. Narratives on Arab World in Turkish Academic Discourse: Publications of State-Centric Institutions

14. China Foreign Policy in Middle East and North Africa after the Arab Spring

15. Bear Hug: Russia's Return to the Middle East

16. India and the Arab Spring

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