Construction Delay Analysis Simplified: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Analysis and Formulation of Delay Claims (Paperback)

Construction Delay Analysis Simplified: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Analysis and Formulation of Delay Claims By Hendrik F. Prinsloo Cover Image
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This book is written for busy professionals who need guidance on Delay Claims. The content is informed by intensive research conducted over many years aimed to simplify Delay Claims. The research produced a groundbreaking New Delay Analysis and formulation method. The method has been presented at numerous international conferences and is being utilized in several different countries. The easy to ready book shares information on the following key topics: - Basic and advance delay & delay analysis terminology- Delays causes (from 21 international studies on delays)- Analyze & Formulate claims for typical delays- 6 Easy Steps to Formulate Delay Claims- Explanation of common Delay Analysis Methods: -Planned vs As-Built-Impacted As-Planned-Collapsed As-Built-Window Analysis-Time-Impact Analysis- Explanation of Complex Delay Analysis Concepts -Cause & effect-Float ownership-Concurrent delays-Prospective and Retrospective delay analysis- 5 Easy Steps to Analysis delays with the new Method - How to apply this Method with construction Form Contracts - Minimize Disputes with the new delay analysis method Participants in the construction industry do not often have the time to read an entire book on a specific subject. The book is written in such a way that it can be utilized for an in-depth study into delays or as a quick reference guide for the assessment or formulation of delay claims. Practical examples are utilized to explain the delay concepts.This guide can be helpful in a number of ways to all people who at some stage or another are faced by the challenge a construction delay presents. Firstly, it will simplify the process of analysis of delay claims for those responsible for the arduous and time-consuming task. Secondly, the guide will also be helpful to the contractor to understand how delay claims are evaluated and how to formulate claims. The content is grouped in short chapters to ensure the guide can be utilized without necessarily reading all the chapters.-The basic terms, definitions, and concepts of construction delays are explained in Chapter 2. This forms the foundation the remaining chapters built upon to ultimately unveil the groundbreaking delay analysis method that was developed after several years of intense research. -What are the predominant causes of delays in construction projects? The findings of 21 independent studies on delays conducted in 16 different countries are discussed in Chapter 3. Guidance is also provided on how delay claims on each of the typical causes of delay should be dealt with. This is a very valuable tool in the assessment of delays or for the formulation of delay claims.-Chapter 4 summarizes the delay analysis methods currently utilized in the construction industry. The critique of the methods will come in handy when a choice of the delay method for a claim needs to be made.-Chapter 5 is the heart of the guide and describes the new delay analysis method in detail. This chapter will assist practitioners to navigate this potential minefield of complexities in the process of the assessment of delay claims. It also explains how to write a delay claim in 6 easy to follow steps.-Chapter 6 and 7 applies the new delay analysis method to some of the common form contracts utilized in the construction industry today.The delay analysis method described in the book is unique in that it assists practitioners holistically, incorporating all considerations in the analysis process. Other forms of guidance produce to date are mostly focused on the assessment of the criticality of the delay.

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