Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer: Protect Yourself Against The Virus - How To Make 500 Ml. Of Hand Sanitizer In Just 25 Minutes! (Paperback)

Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer: Protect Yourself Against The Virus - How To Make 500 Ml. Of Hand Sanitizer In Just 25 Minutes! By Health's First Products, Samantha Johnson Cover Image
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Do you want to know how you can make 500 ml of your own hand sanitizer in a "lunch break" for the price of a bottle of orange juice?

Hand sanitizers are not a replacement of soap and water, but an addition to it (or, in some circumstances, the best alternative). It is always smart to carry a hand sanitizer in your purse or bag whenever you leave home. It is even smarter to do so now, considering all the doctors, experts and specialists are recommending this.


Did you know that viruses are most commonly spread by - just- air? If an infected person is coughing or sneezing near you (in the supermarket, for example) the virus will get on your clothes and on your body. Then, if you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing or sanitizing, you will contract the virus.


That is why you should always wear a mask in public, wear medical gloves if possible, and have a sanitizer with you (by the way, you can sanitize your gloves as well). You should always wash your clothes after you come from the supermarket and, if possible, leave your shoes at the entrance.

Nowadays, due to what is happening in the world right now, there is a huge shortage of good quality hand sanitizers on the market. And yes, there are good hand sanitizers and poor hand sanitizers that will do you no good

So what is the solution for you?

This book is short and to the point and will teach you all the step-by-step process of making your own hand sanitizer relatively fast and for a low price (and that is actually of good quality).

Here's what you'll learn in - Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer

  • This one thing is the absolute best germ and virus destroyer on the Planet and you have it in your house- and it is as cheap as a glass of water
  • 5 different homemade sanitizer formulas you can prepare in less than half an hour (with one special formula for your child )
  • The best composition for homemade hand sanitizers (with ingredients you already have in your home)
  • This is when you must use soap and water and not a hand sanitizer
  • How to aromatize your homemade hand sanitizers with these 7 ingredients (4 of them you already have in your kitchen or fridge)
  • The different types of hand sanitizers and which one is best for YOU
  • What to look for when you buy a disinfectant from your supermarket
  • How to make your own disinfectant at home (for disinfecting surfaces and objects)
  • How to prepare the strongest homemade hand sanitizer in just 5 minutes

Now, do not worry if you do not have to have any kind of "equipment" to prepare your hand sanitizer or disinfectant. That is why it is called "homemade" because it can be done home.

Considering the extra time you probably have right now, this is a creative, fun, and above all efficient way of spending it. Think, a hand sanitizer can also represent a good gift for someone you love. Agree?

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