Self-determined Dying - The Method "Carotid Artery" (Paperback)

Self-determined Dying - The Method
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Recently, I have received more frequent inquiries regarding the correct execution of a suicide by means of compression of the carotid arteries. While looking through the available literature on this method, I came across not only quite comprehensive explanations, but also instructions that propagate the method without going into the underlying pathophysiological aspects and the resulting necessities for practical implementation. For some people this might be enough - I want to express this without criticism, because it is my concern not to complicate methods for rational suicide by unnecessary theoretical explanations. However, I believe that more comprehensive information on the basics and on the practical implementation is needed to seriously address the question of whether interrupting the oxygen supply by compressing the carotid arteries is a suitable method for a painless and peaceful, self-determined death. This little book is therefore intended to provide interested parties with an opportunity to gain an overview of the "Carotid Artery" method, as I would like to call it here. The paper contains basic information on the principle of the method and its practical implementation, deals with possible sources of error and presents some options that could make the method safer and more reliable.

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Publication Date: April 13th, 2020
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