BREASTSTROKE Competitive Swimming Drills: Over 60 Drills - Improve Technique - Add Variety - For Coaches - For Teachers - For Swimmers (Paperback)

BREASTSTROKE Competitive Swimming Drills: Over 60 Drills - Improve Technique - Add Variety - For Coaches - For Teachers - For Swimmers By Arthur Horsfield Cover Image
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A very warm welcome to 'Breaststroke Competitive Swimming Drills'.About this publicationThis publication provides coaches, teachers and swimmers with a series of tried and tested competitive breaststroke swimming drills. These drills can be used to develop and maintain a particular, or range of breaststroke skill/s. They can be easily incorporated and adapted into your training or teaching programme, whether you coach or teach rookie or national swimmers.Delivering the technical demands of our sport Competitive swimming can be a gruelling sport, requiring swimmers to undertake many hours of repetitive training each week, in pursuit of excellence. Developing a training or teaching programme that delivers the technical demands of our sport, while at the same time adding variety to your sessions can be an ongoing process. This can be both difficult and time-consuming to achieve. Training or teaching programmes without fresh stimuli are in real danger of demotivating swimmers, coaches and teachers alike. Over the past twenty-five plus years as a head coach, coach and teacher, I have managed to collate a large portfolio of competitive breaststroke drills. I have used these to develop many young competitive breaststroke swimmers from club to county, regional/state and national levels, the best of which are published here.Publication focusThis publication focuses on the stroke's key technical areas. Each has its own dedicated chapter, breaking down the stroke into its key constituent parts, to help both the coach, the teacher and the swimmer develop and maintain a great breaststroke. About Us - EatSleepSwimCoach EatSleepSwimCoach is a competitive swimming website. Our team includes swimmers, swimming parents, teachers and coaches. With over 50 years of combined competitive swimming experience, both in the pool and open water. We provide swimming advice, drills, exercises, hacks, insight and tips. We produce publications, posts, articles and digital downloads on a wide range of swimming subjects. These include stroke technique, training drills and how to optimise training and competitive performance.For further information please visit our website by using the following link: https: // GroupEatSleepSwimCoach administers the Competitive Swimming Exchange Facebook Group. This is a competitive swimming group to help exchange ideas and information to collectively improve the sport we love. It's an international group for all swimmers, coaches, teachers, masters, triathletes and swimming parents. In fact, it's for all those who are interested in competitive swimming, either in the pool or in open water.For further information about joining this group please use the following link: https: //

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