Drop: Making Great Decisions (Paperback)

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Use neuroscience to retrain your brain and make better life choices.

"The first self-help book I've found based on neuroscience that describes these processes in simple terms that anyone can understand." -Carol Putnam, PhD

Dr. McKibben's approach combines the study of the body, the brain, and the interaction between emotion and memory. She enables us tap into the biomechanics of emotions, resolve triggered feelings, and make better life choices.

Drop: Making Great Decisions is filled with interviews that illustrate how real people have applied this method to their lives. This book can help if you've ever asked yourself:

How do I manage my emotions and reduce my stress?

Why do I have so much self-doubt and anxiety?

Can I silence my critical inner voice?

How can I cultivate positive self-esteem?

How can I stop feeling emotionally disrupted?

How do I manage my addiction and stop abusing substances?

How do I overcome my eating disorder?

What are the secrets to getting better sleep?

How can I deal with difficult, disruptive, and toxic people?

How do I model high self-esteem and healthy emotional regulation for my child?

Why do I keep attracting toxic or manipulative partners?

What is the best way to achieve optimal, mental athletic performance?

Dr. McKibben guides us through her revolutionary and innovative self-help technique of dropping to the blank screen to learn how to manage triggered feelings and to understand why we feel the way we do. By monitoring neuromuscular signals that indicate unconscious triggered emotions, we can work with the brain rather than against it. She teaches us a practical, self-reliant method to retrain our brains and change our responses to life's stressors.

Learn to use neuroscience to activate the brain in the way it is designed to work emotionally, and to change your brain's response to yourself and other people.

You can use your emotional instincts to make great decisions. Trust your brain and set yourself up for self-reliance.

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ISBN: 9798986388908
Publisher: Feelings Management Press
Publication Date: May 14th, 2024
Pages: 226
Language: English