We Ran Away to Sea: A Memoir and Letters (Paperback)

We Ran Away to Sea: A Memoir and Letters By George Kent Kedl, Pamela Thompson Kedl Cover Image
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When Pam and Kent make the audacious decision to sell their house and embrace a life at sea, they envision a harmonious existence on their sailboat, filled with adventure and togetherness. However, their dreams shatter when Kent's family abandons him and their boat in Europe, leaving him disheartened and adrift. Undeterred, Kent embarks on a solitary journey through the equinoctial gales of Bay of Biscay, accompanied by a hired crew. Six weeks later, Pam has a change of heart, and joins him with their ten-year-old son in the Canary Islands, where they make a relatively smooth voyage across the Atlantic relying on celestial navigation. Yet, their challenges are far from over.

As their fourteen-year-old son reluctantly reunites with them in the Caribbean, Kent yearns to sail through the Panama Canal and explore the vast Pacific, while Pam harbors deep-seated fears. Meanwhile, their teenager craves the familiarity of friends back home. Amidst memorable family adventures, Kent reluctantly relinquishes his cherished dream. They return to South Dakota, holding onto the hope of embarking on a seafaring escapade once their children are grown.

Nearly a decade later, fueled by an unquenchable longing, Pam and Kent sell their possessions once again, venturing through the Great Lakes into the North Atlantic, onwards to the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Over the course of six years, they navigate offbeat destinations and undertake daring overland journeys through Central America, Venezuela, and Colombia-a country known for its perilous reputation. Kent remains steadfast in his desire to traverse the Panama Canal and sail the Pacific, but their idyllic interludes are persistently interrupted by equipment failures, storms, illness, financial worries, and familial discord.

Now, as their quest reaches a pivotal moment, the ultimate question arises: Will Pam succumb to her fears, or will Kent embark on his grand voyage alone? Join Pam and Kent on their turbulent yet awe-inspiring odyssey, filled with resilience, determination, and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to run away to sea.

Includes maps, photos, diagrams, a glossary, an itinerary/timeline and a bibliography.

352 pages, Paperback

Expected publication July 1, 2023

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ISBN: 9798987009703
Publisher: Kedl & Hendrickson
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023
Pages: 352
Language: English