The Calvinism of Dispensationalism: Is Dispensationalism Orthodox on the Gospel? (Hardcover)

The Calvinism of Dispensationalism: Is Dispensationalism Orthodox on the Gospel? By Keith A. Sherlin Cover Image
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From the Protestant Reformation until the 1944 schism, Covenant Reformed theologians and Dispensational Reformed theologians served side-by-side in the work of gospel ministry. Premillennialists, amillennialists, and post-millennial teachers, pastors, professors, and evangelists partnered together in the academy and in various church related ministries. However, a sad schism developed in the 1940s that led to a split between two of the most conservative theology systems in the body of Christ due to allegations that the Dispensational premillennialists did not affirm a single plan of redemption by God's elective graces. These allegations have caused an uneccssary split and breach in the conservative body of Christ. This work highlights with in depth historical analysis that there has always been a stream of Reformed Dispensational premillenialists in the bdoy of Christ who have affirmed a single plan of redemption by the Lord's elective graces. In that stream too have been some of the most highly respected and most influential leaders in the Dispensational portion of Christ's body. The allegations that Dispensationalism is Arminian, heresy, or anti-Calvinistic does not reflect the truth. Many Dispensationalists, some of the most notable ones, have been Calvinists. Consequently, these allegations need to cease so that the godly conservatives from both the Covenant and Dispensational traditions can partner together more for the common cause of Christ.

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Publication Date: October 31st, 2023
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