Essential Money Skills for Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering a Budget, Navigating Banking, Understanding Savings and Investments, Managing Credit (Paperback)

Essential Money Skills for Teens: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering a Budget, Navigating Banking, Understanding Savings and Investments, Managing Credit By Jordan Wize Cover Image
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Money is a worry for so many adults... Why not take a different approach and discover its fascinating secrets NOW?

Ever wondered why you don't learn about money in school?

Sure, you learn how to work with it... You're regularly faced with a word problem about somebody saving for concert tickets... but what does that really tell you about how to make money work for you?

60% of teenagers lack the basic financial literacy skills they need - and it's not your fault The money skills you need simply aren't being taught, and you need to take matters into your own hands.

But that gives you an incredible advantage. It means you can soak up all the skills you need not to simply pass tests or prove to your teachers that you know your stuff - but to make sure you can do all the things that will allow you to make the most of your money for the rest of your life.

That means spending it wisely and reaping the significant benefits that skillful saving and investment can bring you - all without the headache most adults face every day about how they're going to pay the bills.

You have the most important thing you need already: Your determination to discover all you can... and the second most important thing is right here waiting for you.

This unique guide to all things money is designed specifically with you in mind. It knows what's important to you now as a teenager... and it knows how to prepare you for what will be important in a few years' time. Inside, you'll discover:

  • How to read a paycheck (did you know it has its own special language?)
  • The basics of banking explained in a non-boring and immersive way (who knew? )
  • Why budgeting isn't as dull as you think it is... and how to make it easy for yourself
  • The power of "the envelope system" - and how it can help you squeeze the most out of a small amount of money
  • Why you're never too young to save - with effective strategies you can employ right now
  • Everything you need to know about credit cards (and how not to make the deadly mistakes your parents have warned you about)
  • All the money know-how you need to know for your future at college - want to know whether you should really take that student loan?
  • Why investment isn't just for the rich and famous... and how you can channel your inner Warren Buffet whenever you want
  • The secret to saving for your dreams (you want that car, right?)
  • How to turn your mindset into a positive financial ally - with money mantras that will help you build your wealth

And much more.

If financial literacy seems like a skill you can wait to acquire, don't be fooled The secret to a comfortable life and the financial freedom everyone dreams of is to soak up these tricks as early as possible.

Your future is ahead of you - make sure you're ready for it

Dreaming of an easy life in which money doesn't worry you? Then you've found the answer

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