Authors on Tap: Bryan Gruley in Conversation with Keir Graff

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 7:00pm

Their son is gone. Deep down, they think they're to blame.

Summertime in Bleak Harbor means tourists, overpriced restaurants, and the Dragonfly Festival. One day before the much-awaited and equally chaotic celebration, Danny Peters, the youngest member of the family that founded the town five generations ago, disappears.

When Danny's mother, Carey, and stepfather, Pete, receive a photo of their brilliant, autistic, and socially withdrawn son tied to a chair, they fear the worst. But there's also more to the story. Someone is sending them ominous texts and emails filled with information no one else should have. Could the secrets they've kept hidden--even from one another--have led to Danny's abduction?

As pressure from the kidnapper mounts, Carey and Pete must face their own ugly mistakes to find their son before he's taken from them forever.

BRYAN GRULEY is the award-winning author of the Starvation Lake trilogy of novels. He is also a lifelong journalist who is proud to have shared in the Pulitzer Prize awarded to the staff of the Wall Street Journal for their coverage of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Gruley lives in Chicago with his wife, Pam.

KEIR GRAFF is the author of three middle-grade novels, including the The Phantom Tower. He also writes books for adults, sometimes under fake names, and is coeditor of Montana Noir, published in 2017 by Akashic Books.



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