Neal Samors & Bob Dauber at the Oak Park Public Library: Entertaining Chicago

Event date: 

Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 3:00pm

Join authors Neal Samors and Bob Dauber to hear stories from Entertaining Chicago: Remembering the Places, Performers, and Stories Throughout the 20th Century. Chicago offered its residents a wide variety of entertainment venues ranging from jazz, blues, and comedy clubs to nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants, legitimate theaters, movie palaces, classical and opera music, rock and roll clubs, and sports that included championship teams for many years throughout the 20th Century. 

The book includes more than 80 interviews including comedian Shelley Berman, jazz musician Ramsey Lewis, actor Gary Sinise, singer/musicians Bonnie Koloc, Judy Roberts, and Corky Siegel, as well as journalists Hugh Hefner and Richard Christiansen.  Chicago's venues offered more than local experiences; they often set national standards. Who in the world didn't know about the original Playboy Club, Mr. Kelly's, and London House? This book presents it all in exquisite detail.

Event address: 

Oak Park Public Library
834 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301