Sustainable Nation: Douglas Farr at the Oak Park Public Library

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 7:00pm

From bestselling author Douglas Farr comes Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patters for the Future. His first book, Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature, helped shift the focus of urban sustainability from the stand-alone building to the high-performance neighborhood. Given the urgency of the many challenges that society now faces, Sustainable Nation hopes to accomplish an even more dramatic shift: to focus on how long change takes and the many ways to drive change faster than ever before. The book posits that society can overcome our major challenges around decarbonization in four generations: the lifetime of a child born today.

Sustainable Nation: Urban Design Patterns for the Future presents in four parts: Our Default World: an infographic snapshot of today that triggers empathy; Our Preferred Future: fictional short stories and timelines that evoke a preferred future; Theory of Change: a sobering deep dive into how long change takes and an ultimately hopeful cataloging of how to speed it up; and Patterns of Change: immediately actionable guidance from development experts on how groups of people, not affiliated with government, can accelerate desired neighborhood and professional change. Readers will find that this book:

  • Provides an understanding of the future of urban trends and design
  • Recognizes that to address climate change, one must overcome irrational quirks of the human brain (heuristics) through framing, nudges, and by restitching our torn social fabric

Challenges culture by providing practitioners, students, and local actors with urban design patterns that can be immediately applied to guide the betterment of neighborhoods

Sustainable Nation seeks to shift the sustainability conversation towards the issue of how to change faster than ever before. It is an ideal guidebook for urban designers, planners, policymakers, architects, engaged stakeholders, and anyone who is eager to make a positive impact on our--and our descendants'--buildings, cities, and lives.

DOUGLAS FARR (FAIA, LEED AP, CNU-A) is an architect, urbanist, author, and passionate advocate for sustainable design thinking. Doug heads Farr Associates, a Chicago-based firm that plans and designs lovable, aspirational buildings and places. A native Detroiter, Doug Co-Chaired the development of LEED-ND and has served on the boards of urban sustainability organizations including the Congress for New Urbanism, Bioregional, EcoDistricts, and Elevate Energy. In 2017, Planetizen readers named him one of "the 100 most influential urbanists of all time."

This event is co-sponsored by the Oak Park Architectural League.

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Oak Park Public Library
834 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301